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Minette Marrin has just written one of the most condescending/snarky articles (here) about people with Down syndrome that I have read in a long time. Her beef is with people who call the deliberate targeting of unborn babies with Down syndrome 'eugenics'...such an 'ugly' word, she says. So judgmental. Parents of kids with Down syndrome, she says, say that they have been blessed by their child, but Ms Marrin objects to that, because she feels condemned by their comments. Does anyone else see the irony here? She believes that 'eugenics' is an ugly word, yet she wholeheartedly endorses the abortion of babies based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome. If that isn't eugenics, what is? And if it is ok to abort a baby based on a diagnosis, why is it wrong to call it what it is?
She goes on to say that in her experience, a 'damaged baby equals a damaged family.'I beg to differ. Your experience is what you make it...from what I have seen, the vast majority of families have been changed for the better by the experience of having a family member with Ds. Many of those families have children with significant challenges, but the parents still feel blessed to have the child in their lives.
It always amazes me how people with no personal experience in raising a child w/Down syndrome feel qualified to tell us what it is 'really' like. How they are convinced that we must be either deluded or lying to actually believe that our childrens' lives are worthy, and how much better off everyone would be if we had simply done the 'right' thing and terminated our pregnancies.I am sorry to be so harsh in my comments, but I have had enough of people telling me that my son should not have been allowed to live. I am tired of people pretending that the act of 'termination' they are referring to so approvingly is just a 'choice', instead of the deliberate taking of another human's life. I am tired of people telling me that it is judgmental to use the word 'eugenics' when unborn babies are targeted for extinction based on a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. And I am especially tired of the smug attitude that it is somehow morally superior to 'support a woman's right to choose' rather than to say, flat out, that the very act of abortion is immoral.

India Knight has written a great rebuttal to Minette's article. It was really refreshing to see how completely India exposed Minette's article for what it is: the musings of a cold-hearted, selfish individual frantically trying to convince her readers(and, I suspect, herself) that it is somehow morally superior to kill babies with disabilities rather than accept these children as a persons worthy of our love and respect.
India's article here:
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Anonymous said...

Great post Kathy! I agree 100%. Isn't it odd that she is railing against people being judgmental with regards to her attitude towards eugenics, yet she not only judged all people with DS and their families but also seems to want to sign their execution orders as well!!

Carol in IL

Qadoshyah said...

Great post Kathy!!


school for the girls said...

Thanks for your beautiful blog and article. I am happy to know one of you interest is disability- having disability it interests me alot.

Greetings from Kenya

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. The things people can say can be disgusting. I believe that my baby boy kept our family from falling apart and he gives us hope and so much happiness every day :) I really hope that some day this lady is able to live with love and joy in her heart.


Jill said...

Kathy, if this article gets your blood boiling, you should read her more recent offerings...check it out:
i guess it's totally disgusting that an older child who develops a hardship is left out in the cold, but a child born with a "hardship" should be terminated. Is this lady serious? thanks for bringing it to your blog, and for your comments. I really enjoyed my visit here and will return again!

Cynthia (LadyRedstone) said...

Hi Kathy,
I stopped by Downs-Heart group to say hi and ask a question and found my way here lol.
This article is infuriating so glad you shared it. I have a similar one if you care to check it out;
Throughout the article are links to related ones also. I have been immersed in research lately and this other site was sent as reference.
I will stop back to DownsHeart to say hello.
Sending hugs on the wings of an angel,

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