Jon and Company
is a specialty clothing company that was started by Annette Liike, mother of Jon (6), who has Down syndrome. Annette was finding it difficult to find clothing for her son that fit well and encouraged independence in dressing, while remaining stylish. The clothing that was easy to put on was usually not very trend conscious, and the clothing that was trendy, was not very easy to put on. Annette realized that she was not alone, so she started her search for someone who could help her design a clothing line for individuals with Down syndrome, which promotes their individual dressing needs and upholds the styles of today. Annette discovered neighbor and friend Yvette Quigley, had a background in costume design and was very interested in designing garments to help kids become more independent. Both women quickly got to work on a clothing line that offers functional and affordable clothing made to fit people with Down syndrome and other disabilities. They offer closures that present ease in dressing for those who present challenges in dexterity, yet have considered a range of abilities by offering many choices on the clothing such as Velcro, magnetic snaps, elastic and buttons. To ensure the quality of our garments we have tested them on Jon our six year old model. In addition to his wearing the items to play they have been machine washed many times making sure that the garments will endure the stress that children just by their nature put on clothing. The result is affordable, stylish clothing that fits well and lasts until they outgrow them. Any questions that you have can be answered by calling Jon and Company at 248-624-7800. Special requests and custom orders are also available.


Anonymous said...

My son, Matthew (19) and I are eagerly awaiting a pair of jeans and some sweats that we hope will fit his unusual proportions. We were thrilled to find this website. Matt has a big tummy and short arms and legs, so we have always struggled to find clothes that would fit and look hip and cool. We'll send a picture once his new stuff arrives. Thanks! Jacqui

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if anyone has found recently on the web? I've tryed to search the designer & photographer of her clothes, but no luck. If anyone has any luck please let me know. Thanks!!!

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