Faith the Science Fair Winner

a friend posted the following 'brag' to the DownSyndromeInfoExchange listserv:
Faith won honorable mention at the county wide science fair!!

First she had to win for her class, then the science teacher chose the 4th grade school wide winner, then her project went to the mall for county wide judging, there are 12 elementary schools.

She aptly named her project "Ice Age: The Meltdown", of course everything is a movie to her! She melted ice in no water, salt water, and plain water. She helped type up the board and cut them apart and glued them on. Plain water melted the fastest. Big sister, Joy and I resisted perfecting the project board!

She also did so well at the big awards ceremony. It was in the middle school cafeteria with lots of people. The crowds and noise are very hard for her, so she wore her headphones. When her name was called she walked by herself from the back of the room to the stage at the front. She stood up there with the other kids and came back to her seat when dismissed.

We are so very proud of her! Now when asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she says "a scientist!"
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Noah's Dad said...

Yahh.! So awesome! She is great!

Our son was born with Down Syndrome on Dec 15 2011, it's been a great journey!

Rick Smith
(Noah's Dad)

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