New DSRTF Research Innovation Grant

The Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation continues it’s commitment to funding the most cutting edge research to improve cognition with the recent announcement for a new $250,000 extension for 2008-2009 of the DSRTF Research Innovation Grant to researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. This additional new grant funding will significantly extend and continue the research progress begun under the 2007-2008 DSRTF Research Innovation Grant. The Johns Hopkins Down Syndrome Research Group is now pursuing two promising avenues toward therapeutic approaches for Down syndrome.

“With this new DSRTF Research Innovation Grant extension, the DSRTF continues to execute a major paradigm-shift in Down syndrome research through promoting and assuring new collaborations, attraction of new world-class research talent and rapid response to nurture and fund major new discoveries,” says Dr. Michael Harpold , Chief Executive Officer of DSRTF. “The continued funding of these Johns Hopkins School of Medicine researchers through this significant new grant, now totaling $500,000, not only allows this promising research to advance the evaluation of potential new drugs, but also enhances the momentum for discovering additional new drug targets at an unprecedented level.”

The goal is clear – the identification of treatments aimed at improving learning, memory, speech and even the late in life neurological decline experienced by those with Down syndrome.

I want to thank all of our loyal supporters who make this critical research possible and to keep you advised as to how your generous donations are being put to work. To read more about the Johns Hopkins research, please click on the following link. DSTRF News

Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving.

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