What *to* say

Ok, we have ideas posted about what *not* to say...how about what you think people *should* say when talking to parents about their child with Ds?
What helped you when your child was born?
What do you wish had been said?
What helps you now, as your child gets older?
This is your chance to educate the world;-)
(well, maybe not the world..this is just a small blog;-) but it's another way to get your message out there, so post away, please.
10/8 a parent said:"The best thing someone said to me was, 'Rest assured, she will give you more joy than heartache.'"



Qadoshyah said...

I linked this blog to my blog - http://gotdownsyndrome.blogspot.com

~ Qadoshyah

Keithslady said...

Absolutely--Congratulaions and the same questions you'd ask about any baby, name, weight, length, health. If there are health issues of the parent expresses a need, then offer support. NEVER say "I'm so sorry".

Keithslady said...

Getting too late--"Congratulations" and "health issues IF the parent.."

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